Use our Cards as Journaling Prompts: 10 Ways to Help You Self-Connect

Dana Clark

As you know, connection is our bread and butter. It’s an essential for building and maintaining relationships with your friends, family, co-workers and most importantly, yourself! 

Of the many ways that you can connect with yourself, one of our favourites is journaling! Journaling has the power to improve your mental, physical and emotional health, all while helping you dive deeper into what makes you, you! 

Read on for 10 ways that journaling can help you connect with your fabulous self: 


  1. Tap into your creativity

  2. Relieve stress

  3. Preserve memories

  4. Spark self-reflection and self-discovery 

  5. Manifest goals 

  6. Boost self confidence

  7. Make room for mindfulness 

  8. Get in touch with yourself 

  9. Strengthen your emotional intelligence

  10. Develop communication skills 

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Connection Cards make the perfect journal prompts! Order your very own deck today.

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