Designed for daily use to enhance and explore your sense of connectedness.

Build stronger habits, become aligned with your goals, and connect deeper with yourself to elevate your life and purpose.

Each day of your guided journal is intentionally crafted to help you create fulfillment and purpose. You will be led through a weekly cycle of seven different themes of self love, gratitude, healing, the act of giving back, achieving your goals, understanding your patterns and habits, and of course, connection. 


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"I love it so much! I was able to connect with my mom more than I have in a LONG time and I really needed that."

★★★★★ Alex

"Love these cards - the marketing and the questions on the cards are just amazing! Absolutely love all the details!"

★★★★★ Brittany

"My fiancé and I have been drawing a Cool To Connect card at the end of our days when we get into bed. It has been such a nice way to end our busy days and connect. Prompting questions we normally wouldn't ask. Reversing the questions is so much easier, we view each other so highly and in such light. It's always nice to have a reminder at the end of the day that you are perfect the way you are"

★★★★★ Stefani & Anthony

"It was so fun! We played the whole deck. It was beautiful"

★★★★★ Mina

We're Kinda Famous... 😍




Do I need to be in person to use Connection Cards? Not at all, the best part about Connection Cards is that they can be used in person or remotely!
How can Connection Cards enrich my life? Connection Cards create a more direct path for communication, and help you build stronger relationships with those who mean most in your life, even from a social distance.
How many cards are in a deck? Great question, each deck has 52 individual cards with unique conversation prompts.
Do you offer worldwide shipping? You bet! We'll pop your cards in super safe packaging and send them anywhere in the world!


Grab your very own Cool To Connect deck!