You heard us right! Valentines Day isn't the only time when we should be celebrating and honouring our deepest and most cherished loves. We should be doing this all year 'round!

Here is our list of five ways to use our cards with your partner:

1. Keep them in your bedside drawer! Pull a card at night before bed to connect on a meaningful topic, or learn something new about each other.

2. Grab them for your next date night. Pull a card at random, and feel your connections unfold.

3. The next time you're in a disagreement, pull a card to settle any negative emotions and re-group in listening to one another's feelings, experiences and vulnerabilities.

4.Test your knowledge! Pull a card at random and and see if you and your lover can guess the other person's response.

5. Make connection a part of your morning routine. Try sitting and discussing a prompt from a card over a cup of coffee, or on a walk.


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