Staying Connected During COVID-19

Dana Clark

Staying connected has become especially difficult during this uncertain time. Self-isolation and social distancing can become lonely. We need to get creative and put our minds together to connect in new ways. Today we have four tips for you to help you stay connected.

1. Take an Online Class

 From yoga to art classes you can take up just about any hobby online these days, and now is the perfect time to try something new! There are some great communities online you can join, and a lot of instructors are offering live classes through Instagram Live or Zoom. The live classes are a great option as you have a sense of doing the class together in a group, and although you may be in isolation you are surrounded by a community. Several online classes are free or donation based making them accessible to everyone!



2. Reach out to a friend or loved one

Write a note and leave it on your neighbours door to let them know you are thinking of them.

Calling friends and family is so important especially during this time when in person human connection is limited. Just hearing a familiar voice can lift your spirit. You can be creative, and it will brighten their day. It will initiate future conversations. Can also send a care package. Ask meaningful questions What’s going on in your heart? Send mail, photos, a letter, a postcard. Receiving something fun in the mail will be sure to brighten someone’s day. Do activities together with friends or family, this can be watching a movie on video chat.


3. Connect Online

Today our options to connect online are endless, thank you technology! Through Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, FaceTime, the list goes on. Using these platforms, we can get creative with how we are spending time with friends. Get a group together for an online games night.  You can play a game of charades, or maybe to play a favourite board game. Another great way to connect is to join or start a group. Now is a great time to start a book club! Not only do we have more time on our hands for reading books, we can also use this as an opportunity to expand our community and read together. We’ve even seen people have virtual movie nights. Use your creativity to connect with your friends using online platforms!


4. Journal 

Journaling is a great way to connect with yourself. A journal can even become a friend, a friend that is there any hour of the day. Journaling can help you connect with yourself, which is just as important as connecting with others. Often in our busy lives we forget to look inward. Sitting down and taking a pen to paper has so many benefits and can help us to strengthen our inner guidance and intuition. Journaling can also help with elf esteem, and help you better understand yourself. While social distancing, don’t forget to take the time to connect with yourself. By connecting with ourselves, and having a deeper self connection we are better able to express ourselves to others, and deepen our connections with family and friends.

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