Making Connections on Canada Day

Dana Clark

Happy Canada Day! As a proudly Canadian company, we want to help you celebrate Canada Day in style. That’s why we’re sharing brand-new connection prompts with a Canadian-twist.  


Whether you’re spending the holiday boating along one of the Great Lakes or enjoying a patriotic picnic in the park, these exclusive prompts are the perfect way to pay homage to our beautiful country.  No matter who you’re celebrating with, we hope these prompts help you bond with your fellow Canadians over something that connects us all; our love for Canada! 


1. Who is your Canadian hero and why? 

The list of Canadians who have made our country – and the world – a better place is endless. With so many incredible Canadians to choose from, it will be interesting to see who your friends and family consider to be their hero.  

From legendary athletes such as Wayne Gretzky to music icons including Shania Twain, Neil Young or Drake, Canada is the birthplace to some high achieving people. Depending on what’s important to you, you may take this moment to recognize the incredible accomplishments of Canadian author Margaret Atwood or share an insightful quote from environmental icon David Suzuki or astronaut extraordinaire Chris Hadfield.    


2. Describe your Canadian happy place. 

Canada is often celebrated for its multicultural populations but this isn’t the only aspect of the country that is beautifully diverse. From stunning shorelines along the east coast and the picturesque prairies to the remarkable Rocky Mountains and Northern vistas and more, Canada boasts an array of world-class landscapes.  


This prompt will encourage you to reflect on your domestic travels, rediscover the beauty of your own backyard and can even inspire your next Canadian vacation! You may find happiness camping beneath the glow of the Northern Lights in Yellowknife, strolling along aged cobblestone streets in Quebec City or admiring unparalleled city views from the top of the CN Tower. Or, perhaps you love kayaking along sparkling glacier-fed lakes in Jasper or savouring fresh seafood at a seaside restaurant in Halifax or watching the tides roll onto PEI’s red-sand beach.   


3. What is an aspect of Canadian history or culture that you wish you knew more about? 

This year marks Canada’s 153rd birthday, however, the country’s roots actually date back even further! With such a history, there is certainly more to know about Canada than what filled your history textbooks.  


Upon reflection, you may realize that you want to learn more about Indigenous peoples, including traditions, cultures and languages. You may be curious to read up on the notable figures featured on Canadian currency, such as Viola Desmond who was recently added to the $10 bill. Maybe you’re looking to discover Canadian artists and authors, learn about Canada’s diverse eco-systems and wildlife or you’ve always been curious about how the laws differ across each of the provinces.  


On the lighter side, you may simply want to learn what province to visit for the best poutine or craft beer or how each of the provinces got their names! Either way, sharing your curiosities just might help you find some of the answers that you’re looking for!  

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