Give the gift of connection this Father’s Day

Dana Clark

Give the gift of connection this Father’s Day!


Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? We think the best gift that you can give to the most important man in your life is the gift of connection! That’s why we’re sharing some of our Connection Card prompts for you to use during your Father’s Day celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ for your dad or treating your grandpa to a round of golf, these prompts are a fun way to find out more about your #1 guy.   


 1. Describe your perfect day 


Your dad’s description of his perfect day says a lot about him. Perhaps your dad’s ideal afternoon is spent sipping an ice-cold beer on a restaurant patio with his friends, re-watching his all-time favourite movie or hiking along a scenic trail with the whole family. Whatever answer he shares will help you visualize one of his happy places. Plus, you can also use this information to plan next year’s epic Father’s Day celebrations!  


 2. What is something you believed as a child that isn’t true? 


Sometimes it’s crazy to remember that while your dad has known you for your entire life, you’ve only been around for a fraction of his. That’s what makes this the perfect question to ask your dad - his answer will give you a sneak peek on his life long before he was your dad. You may even find out that despite the generational gap, the two of you had similar childhood beliefs; maybe you both believed that if you ate a watermelon seed a watermelon would grow in your stomach or that mini rock bands lived inside your stereos.   


 3. Describe your proudest moment 


This question provides the perfect opportunity for you and your dad to reminisce about some of your favourite moments. Your dad may even dig into the archive and share some of his lifetime highlights that you may not even know about, such as how he felt when he finally saved up enough money to buy his first car, completed a renovation for his parents or even the pride he felt on the day that you were born. Even better, you can share moments when you felt especially proud of him. No matter how silly or sentimental your answers are, opening up about these meaningful moments will reveal a lot about what you value about yourselves and one another.  


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