4 Shows to Satisfy Your Connection Craving

Dana Clark

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and connect! We’re sharing four must-watch shows that emphasize the importance of connection. From light-hearted dating shows to scientific explorations into the human psyche, these binge-worthy shows are sure to satisfy your connection craving!

The Circle 

This social experiment reality show seems simple; contestants have to live in an apartment complex and make connections with one another. However, there’s a catch – they can never meet face-to-face! Throughout the competition, players have to curate and maintain their online presence and build connections with their fellow houseguests solely through a social media app. Then, players rank their fellow houseguests and the lowest ranking players are eliminated. From catfishing to flirting and everything in between, The Circle contestants have to find creative connection tactics to win the grand prize!

100 Humans

This hit show blends science and humor in an effort to find answers to some of life’s greatest questions. In each episode, 100 humans of diverse ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations participate in playful experiments to test scientific theories about what it means to be human. These insightful and embarrassing experiments reveal answers to pressing questions such as what makes humans attractive, what’s the best age to be alive and so much more. This show is sure to entertain and leave you with takeaways for how and why we as humans are the way we are. 

Dating Around

Netflix Original dating show takes an inside look at the blind dating scene. Each episode features a single who goes on five blind dates with suitors from various backgrounds. Each blind date is exactly the same, from the restaurant to the singles’ outfit and more, except with a new suitor. From flirty interactions to embarrassing encounters and deep conversations, this binge-able series takes viewers along for the ride as daters try to make a romantic connection! 


This documentary explores how thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact our health and ability to heal. Providing a powerful commentary on self-connection, Heal dives into the remarkable connection between the human psyche and physical health to reveal the healer within us all. This empowering and inspiring documentary follows the emotional healing journey of three real people with expert commentary by renowned scientists and spiritual healers to expand our understanding of healing and the integral role we play in that process. 

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